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About Us

Greenhouses by NW Green Panels are built with pride in Oregon and Oklahoma by our team of dedicated pros. Choose NW Green Panels and you will be pleased with our products and our commitment to you the customer.

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​Why did we start building Greenhouses?​

When my wife and I learned that we were to be blessed with our first child we began discussing the type of foods we wanted our kids to eat.


We liked the idea of growing as much food as possible without chemical additives to provide our family with nutrient rich foods. It quickly became obvious that to grow food year round I would need a greenhouse.

I found many options: Some were poorly made and looked as though they might blow away with the first gust of wind.  Some were nice but extremely expensive permanent structures.


Almost all the 'kits' I came across were complicated to install with inadequate instructions and cheap materials.

We decided that building our own greenhouse was the only option!

Northwest Green Panels stringsoil sign
​The NW Green Panels System

One evening over a celebratory scotch and cigar, I started planning what this perfect greenhouse would be.

My requirements included a greenhouse that was completely modular and expandable so it could be moved from the current property and grow to suit future needs.


The structure also had to comply with strict HOA aesthetic demands and be sturdy enough to perform with very high winds and in snowy conditions.

The result was our modular wood frame panel system. Upon completion of the prototype I received many compliments from neighbors and friends.

Building beautiful greenhouses for great people continues to be a very rewarding experience!

Northwest Green Panels rustic Midnight model
Now and Our Future

At NW Green Panels we are always working to expand on our line of highly functional and versatile greenhouse and other modular out-buildings

Many upgrade options are available including design upgrades, choice of stain, finish, and frame material, along with several glaze options like glass, Solexx or colored polycarbonate.

Available accessories include modular benches and shelves, H2O/elec easy access panel, french windows and doors, supplemental lighting, base installation, and automatic solar-powered ventilation including our unique auto-rise ridge line vent.

We pride ourselves on providing the very best customer service.

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