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Greenhouses by NWGP

Our flagship model is the perfect blend of beauty, economy, utility, and strength.  Shop around and compare for yourself, Lifestyle greenhouses by

NWGP are an unbeatable value.

Perfect for those who want to add a little more flair to their backyard landscape, Premium greenhouses are wrapped in a gorgeous inlay wainscot and packaged with tons of innovative features and accessories.

Inspired by the equestrian structures surrounding Sisters, OR, the stunning Rustic Midnight

greenhouses by NWGP will transport you to a gardener's paradise.

Northwest Green Panels Modern slant roof

Also available in the above Packages.

Modern Slant roof construction catches up to 40% more of the sun's light and heat and provides additional vertical growing space when compared to traditional gable-roof construction.

Let your imagination run wild. The NWGP pre-built structural component platform is easily adapted to bring your Custom project to life.

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