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Frequenly Asked Questions

Northwest Green Panels greenhouse build
How much does it cost to deliver and install?

When you purchase a beautiful new greenhouse from NW Green Panels, our professional crews can deliver and install your greenhouse in many areas of Oregon, Washington and Oklahoma.  For customers outside these states, orders are usually drop shipped ready for DIY Installation.

Contact us at 1(541)585-6947 or for a shipping or installation quote. (OR CCB 209920 / WA CCL NWGREGP842D4)

Do you have an owner's Manual? 
Yes, Follow this link to read a digital owner's manual or download it. 

Do you have a warranty on your Greenhouses? 
Yes, all of our greenhouses come with a Limited Warranty detailed "HERE"

What kind of a base do I need?

Creating a proper base or foundation for your greenhouse is important for structural longevity, pest control, creating the right ambiance in your garden area, and contributing to the overall functionality of the building.  Bases can be as simple as a leveled out gravel or as complex as your imagination provides.  For more detailed information on base installation please 

Northwest Green Panels greenhouse base example
Northwest Green Panels greenhouse
What size should my greenhouse be?

Most companies will tell you to go as large as your space and budget allows, but with NW Green Panels modular design you can add space and accessories as you need them.  Pre-assembled building components we call "panels" can be quickly unbolted to move it to a new location or to expand your greenhouse's length or width, months or even years from now.

How do they hold up in the wind & what about Snow-load?

Our gorgeous, conservatory style greenhouses are designed, built and tested in Sisters, OR to withstand the harshest environmental conditions:  feet of accumulated snow, 80 mile per hour wind gusts, monsoon rains, large-hail storms and 75 degree intraday temperature variations.  Framed-in glazing panels and full 2x4 frame construction make our structures rock solid.

Northwest Green Panels greenhouse build
Northwest Green Panels greenhouse Custom
Do I need a building permit?

Greenhouses by NW Green Panels are temporary agricultural structures and typically do not require a permit under a certain square footage, in most areas 120' - 200' sqft.  Please check with your local building code agency.

ceder tree
Why is Cedar One of the Best Frame Materials for Greenhouses?

Cedar is one of the most durable wood species found in America.  Once widely used for nursery flats, fencing, framing, gates, greenhouses and other purposes where high humidity and moisture are always present, it has since been replaced by cheap, less durable materials by many manufacturers.  Naturally desiccating moisture, Cedar eliminates algal and fungal buildup at seams where frame and glaze material meet.  Strength, termite and decay resistance, gorgeous knot structure and incredible dimensional stability make this locally sourced, kiln dried lumber ideal for greenhouse construction.

Northwest Green Panels greenhouse vent
Do Your Greenhouses Have Good Ventilation?

Our greenhouses use our unique and highly effective Auto-Rise Ridgeline Vent System.  Commercial grade Bayliss MK7 Hydraulicheck automatic vent openers lift the entire ridgeline of your greenhouse from end-to-end automatically between 70F-100F degrees, and lowers it back down when things cool off.  Peak ventilation is ideal, allowing the rising heat to escape and passively drawing cooler air in.  

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